What We Do

We lead strategies to create policies and environments where immigrants and refugees in Texas can access their rights and contribute to the well-being of our nation.

Access to Justice & Assistance

We promote meaningful access to legal assistance for immigrants and refugees in Texas by providing legal resources and technical assistance to legal service providers.

Policy & Coalition Building

We bring together key constituencies of business, law enforcement, faith, law and community groups to advance practical immigration reforms for Texas and our nation.

How We Work

We work across the political spectrum to bring together diverse voices to catalyze consensus on practical immigration solutions for Texas and our nation.

Contact Us

We want to connect with you to protect and promote the rights of immigrants and refugees living in Texas. Please let us know how we can partner and reach you.

Please note, Texas Immigration Law Council does not provide legal advice or individual assistance. If you need legal help visit Immigration Advocates Network Directory or Texas Law Help’s Legal Directory.